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Before WundaBar you had two choices in Pilates, Slow-and-Cerebral, or Pound-It-Out with no methodology. WundaBar led the industry in bridging that gap, infusing the integrity of Pilates into the high-energy group fitness space; introducing the now-patented WundaFormer; and approaching instruction from an educational standpoint. 

The WundaBar Approach combines beautiful biomechanics and traditional Pilates with efficient movement, exceptional flow and a cardio-intense pace. The WundaFormer–a Pilates Reformer, WundaChair, Jumpboard and Ballet Bar all-in-one - brings four powerful apparatuses into reach for a wide audience and into the group class environment where previously, they had no practical application as separate pieces of equipment. WundaBar Pilates sets a high bar for its instructors, known as 'Educators', who are tasked with the delivery not only of a booty-whoopin' workout, but of a practical education that enables clients to build true strength from the inside out.

Established in 2011, WundaBar Pilates continues to build communities of devoted clients and inspired team members at all its brick and mortar locations. In 2017, WundaBar went worldwide with the creation of PILATES MOVEMENT by WundaBar–a translation of the work we do on the WundaFormer into a dynamic repertoire for the mat.


Amy Jordan, Creator and CEO

A Pilates visionary, entrepreneur, inventor, and above all a proud mother of two, Amy Jordan's guiding belief when it comes to wellness:  “You are perfect wherever you are today, and my goal is to empower you to have the best experience in your own skin!” That is precisely what happened when Amy began practicing Pilates in 2006 as she journeyed through a difficult time in her own life. Her workout soon became her passion, and she left her career as an Entertainment Marketing Executive to open her first high-energy Pilates studio in 2008.

Fueled by her continued study of traditional Pilates and the desire to share wellness through movement far and wide, inspiration struck again in 2010, as she sketched the now-patented WundaFormer, and envisioned WundaBar Pilates. In 2017, Amy translated the in-studio experience on the WundaFormer to a repertoire that can be done on the mat, extending the reach and benefits of the WundaBar Pilates Method beyond the studio walls.

Amy inspires the WundaBar team with her tireless commitment and passion for movement and for sharing that movement with Educators and clients alike.  When she's not dreaming up new ways to Wunda, Amy revels in mothering her two wonderful kiddos — the Original WundaBaby and WundaBaby Part Deux!


Kate Simmons, COO 

If you can dream it, chances are Kate Simmons can come up with a plan to make it reality. Working alongside Amy from the early days of her first studio, Kate brought a background in corporate marketing and communications, film and television production, and business management to her work with Amy and the realization of WundaBar Pilates.

A lifelong fitness devotee, Kate started working out to Jane Fonda’s first audiotape (yes, audio)! After her first Pilates workout with Amy in 2008, she was hooked! Kate finds enormous purpose in empowering people to celebrate the body they have today, while investing in the body they'll have tomorrow. She loves mentoring the team and is known to wax philosophical. And as an added bonus, just as she did as a child, Kate gets to 'play Office' every day!

Kate is married to Amy's childhood neighbor and lifelong friend (thanks Brian!) and has two amazing children that you can most likely find with her on an array of pool floaties when she's not at the desk!


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