Hold on to your hat, because things are about to get interesting!  As you may have noticed, being pregnant is anything but business-as-usual -- whether it's your first pregnancy or your fifth, you can bet it will be a unique and dynamic experience.  Just about everything in your life will change ... including your workout. 

 In order to continue taking WundaBar Workout classes, you'll need two things*:

  1. All WundaMamas must provide a doctor's note.
  2. You'll need to learn a few tips and tricks to make our classes a good fit for you throughout your pregnancy.  We require all WundaMamas-to-be to attend one Pregnancy Private Session for the special WundaMamas-ONLY price of $65 in So Cal (regularly $85) / $85 in NYC (regularly $125).  We welcome our mamas to enjoy one specially priced Pregnancy Private during each trimester as your body and growing baby's needs change

With the knowledge you gain in your Pregnancy Privates and in-class assistance from our Educators, WundaBar Pilates can keep you fit, strong and safe during all stages of pregnancy, including post-partum recovery.


First trimester limitation: With respect for your journey, no clients with a history of miscarriage or those carrying multiples will be allowed to join until second trimester -- and always with your doctor's release.

  • Post-pregnancy limitation: No earlier than a full 6 weeks post pregnancy –and always with your doctor's release.


Pregnancy By WundaBar Auto-Pay
(Ongoing access to our WundaMamas-Only per class pricing)

  • So Cal: $20 per Class
  • NYC: $30 per Class

Welcome Back WundaMama

(24 classes valid 3 months from date of purchase)

  • So Cal: $575
  • NYC: $700


Hello! from the Original WundaMama!

I thought I'd share a few of my fave tips for staying fit and feeling good through pregnancy and beyond.
xoxo Amy (and the original #wundababies!!)

STAY STRONG! If you enter pregnancy strong and stay strong throughout, your recovery will no doubt be that much better! For me that means teaching and taking WundaBar Pelvic Floor Conditioning & Pregnancy classes. I'd aim for 2 - 3 a week all the way through third trimester! I even had my hubby join me - it's always more fun to work out with a WundaBuddy!

STAY HYDRATED! For your baby you'll need lots of extra water - my OB advised 2 - 3 liters daily. I felt great drinking electrolyte enhanced water, and noticed a positive difference in my skin's hydration too.

STAY SMOOTH! I adore this all natural oil and use it religiously during pregnancy. It's worked to keep stretch marks at bay through TWO pregnancies. Yay!

STAY CONNECTED! This is a cue I love for both pregnancy and beyond. Imagine your pubic bone is being gently pulled up at a diagonal towards your lumbar spine (low back). This is an internal sensation that activates deep abdominals and postural muscles in the spine. It will help you feel less pressure on the pelvic floor and low back when pregnant, and help you eccentrically tone your abdominals post-partum!

STAY SMILING! I'm not so into "things" - but I sure am into capturing precious moments with masterful photographers. No, not my husband and I on our phones - although we've gotten some good ones! I simply adore Lori Dorman and the magical art she creates with mamas, babies and families. 

STAY SUPPORTED!  Let's be real mamas - once that baby's out your whole tummy feels like it is hollow and boy does a belly bandit help bring it all back together! After each c-section using a belly bandit helped with healing and support for a sore abdomen. I prefer the original bamboo style, comfortable but effective! 

STAY ALIGNED!  Feeding and cuddling your little bundle of joy can cause a real pain in the neck! If you're noticing pain in your neck, or even down your arm into elbow or fingers I recommend keeping a few tips in mind when you feed or hold the baby. 1: stack your head above your spine - we tend to jut our chin forward cooing and looking at the baby 2: imagine a toothpick is under your chin to keep length on the front side of neck, rather than crunching the neck to get your face close to baby and 3: relax the shoulders and think about shoulder blades melting down and around your rib cage. The tension in your neck will improve immediately and continued practicing of these steps will make a big difference!

STAY PRESENT!  Surround yourself with good love! Partners can be (and hopefully are!) an enormous support in the parenting journey, but I highly recommend joining a quality Moms' group. In LA, I swear by Danielle Brooks' Mommy+Me classes. No joke, I'm not sure we'd have made it through the first year without her. She is made of baby magic. If you're not in So Cal, she has dozens of extremely informative videos on You Tube under Baby Nuggets with Danielle.
At 4am, when you've just finished your 3rd feeding and your 5th diaper change, the world can feel like a lonely, sleepless place.  Know that you're not alone...what you're going through is, by-and-large, universal ...and what you're doing is a mother's work.  Here's to all my fellow WundaMamas!


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