this is what 2 weeks of wundabar looks like


What is 2w2w?

Attend one WundaBar class each day for 14 consecutive days. 

JOIN THE THROWDOWN: Use your existing class credits and purchase extras as needed OR purchase the 2W2W package in your Online Store.

SHARE THE WUNDALOVE: We totally want to see your results! Take 3 ‘Before’ pics on day one (front, side, and back) and identical ‘After’ pics on day 14. Email all your pics to hello@wundabar.com and we’ll give you a FREE Class!



Can I do 2 Weeks 2 Wunda but not send in my pics? 
Sure. But you may as well snap a couple for your own reference.

Which classes do I take? 
All class formats count – WundaBar Workout, WundaMax, & WundaFlex!

I’m out of town for a couple days during 2W2W, can I just do 14 classes over the 14 days? 
Sure. Optimally, you’ll take one class per day for 14 consecutive days, but if you need to skip a day and want to do a couple double-headers to make up classes, who are we to stop you?

I’m pregnant. Can I participate? 
We love you, WundaMama... but this one’s not for you!


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