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Millions of people have gym memberships. Few have their best body.

A WundaBody earns long, lean muscles and toned abs, arms and behind. And that's not all - a WundaBody also burns fat and calories with the most efficient use of an exercise minute, delivering individual attention and results beyond compare!!

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I Got My WundaBody!

Lauren B, California

I am SO grateful to WundaBar for helping me through my recovery from bed rest and my c-section. I have an abdominal wall separation (2-fingers wide), and now I can finally FEEL my ab muscles. Its 100% due to my weekly classes and the instructors who have (safely) pushed me to the next level.


On top of feeling strong and more centered, I am officially down to my pre-pregnancy weight and then some...a total of 50 pounds lost! Having suffered from an eating disorder in the past, I am so grateful to have found a means to healthfully lose the baby weight, tone my body and regain my confidence.

Thank you to you and your amazing staff!

I Got My WundaBody!

Narbè M, California

10-time bench press world champion & world record holder

I have done Wundabar Pilates regularly since September. It has quickly become part of my life. It has helped me in so many areas of my daily routine, from helping me be calmer, to my balance. As a competitive international bench press champion,  I'm constantly looking for ways to be more well-rounded.


Though Wundabar has been a challenge to me, I have welcomed it with open arms. The instructors have been very supportive and inspirational in helping me get in the best shape of my life. In a short span, I am back in competitive shape. Thank you, Wundabar, for helping me find my balance, strength, and zest for life!

I Got My WundaBody!

Raina F, California

My journey to become a healthier me began at my rock bottom.  In 2007 on my 27th birthday, I weighed 234lbs. I was so disappointed, and unhappy. After trying fad diets, and finally turning to nutrition and exercise it dawned on me: This isn’t a fad…this is an entire lifestyle change… I am going to have to workout for the rest of my life… I’d finally accepted it.  Six months later I was down to 170lbs… From there I went searching for the best way to tone up… This is where Wundabar came in.

I signed up for my first class with WundaBar in 2011. I had no idea that I was about to meet the exercise I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  In one week, I was hooked; in two weeks, friends and family saw a difference and asked me what I was doing; in one month, I was down a dress size! I’d never felt so accomplished with an exercise before. It was amazing!  

I choose WundaBar for so many reasons:  Studio atmosphere; Small class size (makes me feel I am getting individualized training); No two classes are the same (I never get bored); and the WundaFormer is incredible -- by far the best Pilates machine I’ve been on!  But what I find most valuable at WundaBar is their team -- each and every instructor gives 110%, showing me how to get the most out of WundaBar; they are always improving themselves for me and for the rest of their clients; WundaBar cares about me; they care about what I think, and they truly listen to everything I have to say. What keeps me coming back is just that. Thanks Wundabar for being you, and believing in me, too!

I Got My WundaBody!

Maryjo S, California

Best thing I have ever done for myself was go to WundaBar Pilates. I am addicted and proud of it!


I Got My WundaBody!

Marieke M, California

I'd been a member of WundaBar Pilates for 2 years when I got pregnant last fall. I had found it to be the best cross-training with running and absolutely loved it. I really wanted to stay fit during my pregnancy and am so happy WundaBar offered prenatal classes. Valerie and Isabelle made the classes challenging and safe throughout! I ran a half marathon halfway through my pregnancy and was able to attend classes right up to my due date. Not only did I have a healthy son, I shed most of my pregnancy weight in the first 2 weeks postpartum and my recovery has been incredible.


I Got My WundaBody!

Leila R, California

WundaBar to me means empowerment, strength, and radiance. I've been coming here since it was Pilates Plus Montrose, and I noticed a shift in my body as soon as Amy switched to WBP. The workouts were more intense, more gratifying. I always feel so good after classes... I feel strong and healthy and have a sense of "I am woman... Hear me roar!" :-) During classes, I often find myself cursing my instructors under my breath because they push you to your limit and then afterward I want to hug them because the feeling after completing a WBP class is just so incredibly amazing! All the WBP instructors are just like Amy: motivating, inspiring, sweet, fun, bright smiles... and just the right amount of ruthless!

The sore muscles the next day are such a great reminder that my body is changing as a result of my workouts. I recently had a body composition analysis, and was happy to learn that I have a nice amount of lean muscle mass ... I know that is due 100% to my classes at WBP. They really do strengthen you from the inside out! What keeps me coming back is my addiction to WBP... once you experience these classes and how your body feels, it becomes a habit you never want to let go. Thanks, Amy, for adding this wonderful addiction to my life!

I Got My WundaBody!

MaryElizabeth B, California

I began Wundabar almost 4 years ago in Sept 2009. I have always exercised, but at that time, I was tired of my routine, and I was tired of working out alone. I not only wanted a varied and challenging exercise routine that would keep me interested; I was also looking for a community where I could connect, interact and have some fun.

I found all that I was looking for and more at the Wundabar studio. The instructors are not only exceptionally well trained, but they are also excellent teachers with a sense of humor. The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and collaborative, and I feel as though I am working out with friends. In fact, I have made several.

All of this great stuff AND my body has completely changed. I have flat abs for the first time in my life, I have lost the excess weight I was carrying (without excessive dieting), and I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been in my life. When I began Wundabar, I was 5'2", an inch less than my height as a teenager. Last year when I went for my physical I was back up to 5'3" my natural height.

I am so grateful for Amy and her amazing team! Oh, and I don't want to hear any excuses about being too old to do this kind of exercise. Last month I turned 62!

I Got My WundaBody!

Elizabeth E, California

I started WundaBar six weeks after the birth of my little girl. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with warmth and kindness. WundaBar has done wonders for my post-partum body. I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy.

It has been two months and thirty sessions since my first class and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, feeling stronger, and enjoying the time I get to spend focusing on renewing myself. Thank you WundaBar!

I Got My WundaBody!

Jennifer B, California

Before Jennifer worked out with the likes of the WundaBar team, she was at her heaviest - weighing more than she did during her pregnancies. She avoided being in photos, dreaded shopping for clothes, got winded going up stairs, and unsuccessfully tried to lose weight on her own every time the calendar read January 1.

Then, Jennifer recalls, "I decided that I was done being a fat Mom!" Jennifer implemented healthier eating habits and a daily exercise program of working out with Amy and Kate, 3-4 days a week, and walking on the days in between. Making these important lifestyle choices, Jennifer noticed a marked improvement in her life. Her health was better, her energy was up, and her weight was dropping!

To date, Jennifer has lost over 90 pounds!!


As challenging as it was for her to break her "bad" habits at times, the benefits have clearly won out. "Forgoing that dessert, but being able to chase my kids around the lawn without getting winded is worth it every time."

Congratulations Jennifer on your amazing accomplishment!!

How To Get Your WundaBody

Depending on your health and fitness goals, we recommend 3-5 classes per week – that’s about 4 hours per week for results you didn’t know were possible. We guarantee it! 3

3 If you attend 4 classes per week for one month and don’t achieve increased cardio capacity, strength and muscle tone, we’ll give you your second month absolutely free!