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What The Fat?!

Posted by WundaBlog on March 19, 2014

CJ_Coaches_CJ_Blaquera_BW2.pngTrain Your Mind for Healthy Weight Loss

By: CJ Blaquera, Certified Weight Loss Coach, founder of CJCoaches.com, and The WundaBody Challenge Coach


In January of 2013, I was sitting in the first row of a workshop on nutrition. The experts conducting the workshop were saying that you need to eat fat to lose fat.

What the fat!@#?good-fats-coconuts.jpg

Eat WHAT to lose WHAT?

It was the fourth time I had heard this concept from a nutritional expert in two months. 

My mother was a dyed-in-the-wool, lowfat-eating, calorie-counting dieter.

And the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree.

The first time I heard the “Eat Fat to Lose Fat” mantra. I disregarded it.

That was just cuh-razy talk.

The second time, the source mentioned she lost 30 pounds after she started eating fat.

Did that get your attention?

Yeah, that got my attention, too.

The third time, the experts said not only that you need to eat fat to lose fat, but that our brains are 60% fat and we need fat for every cellular function as well as overall brain health.


That got my attention even more.

1152191_72870653.jpgMaybe not so cuh-razy after all.

It was even starting to make sense to my lowfat-eating, calorie-counting self.

The fourth time I heard the mind-boggling, hard-to-believe statement - “Eat Fat to Lose Fat” – I asked the experts before me this question:

When your clients start to eat fat, how long does it take for them to lose weight?

They were thin and fit and had shared their own personal health journeys that had culminated in both of them eating fat to lose fat. (Oh, and did I mention one of the experts was a New York Times best-selling author on nutrition.)

I think they both knew that I was really asking: 

If I start to eat fat, how long will it take for me to lose weight?

Amy's Favorite Pregnancy Tips!

Posted by WundaBlog on March 6, 2014

Hello WundaMamas! As a new-again mom myself, I thought I'd share a few of my fave tips for staying fit and feeling good through pregnancy and beyond.
What did you do that kept you feeling your best while pregnant, or after welcoming your new bundle of heaven to your family?? I look forward to hearing from you - post pics of your #wundababies too!
Amy (and the original #wundababies!!)


It’s Swimsuit Season. WHAT?? Yep!

Posted by WundaBlog on January 7, 2014

Happy New Year, WundaBodies!
I'm thrilled to share a special treat from one of our long-time fans and friends, JuliAnn Stitick, Image Expert, CEO and Founder of Your Success Style. I absolutely love playing in the waves all summer long and thinking about finding a new swimsuit sure makes me glad I've been working it out at WundaBar!


It's Swimsuit Season. WHAT?? Yep!

By: JuliAnn Stitick


Happy New Year and yes, it’s swimsuit season.  Ok... I know it’s January, we may have overindulged during the holiday season and the LAST thing on our minds is donning swim attire.  Fear not!  You still have a few months before spring break and beach season, but it IS the time of year to take advantage of the best swimwear selection.

It’s best to do a little psychological and practical prep for your best shopping experience. 

1.   Shop for the body you have now, not what it used to be or wish it was. 

2.   A thorough shave job tidies things up and makes us feel just a bit more sexy. 

3.  If you’re into it, a spray tan hides a multitude of sins (and desserts). My daughter Amanda and I always say, “A little tan takes away the swimsuit blues.”

6 Months, 6 Reasons To Wunda

Posted by WundaBlog on December 5, 2013

madonna-arms-275x300.jpg6 Months, 6 Reasons to Wunda

By: Melissa Burton


From June to July 2013, I participated in a 60 Day Challenge with WundaBar Pilates. Although I’ve always been an active runner, indoor cyclist and yoga enthusiast, I never could develop the core strength to keep myself from getting injured. When I came to WundaBar, I was in recovery from a back-injury that took me out of my 4th half marathon in as many years. When my Physical Therapy regimen shifted toward Pilates Therapy, I knew my future fitness routine would need to include core work in order for me to continue to be active. Six months ago I found WundaBar Pilates and it really has changed my body and my life. WundaBar Pilates Now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I’ve upped my fitness mojo. The core strength I’ve developed from WundaBar Pilates has helped me participate in running races, a charity cycling class and I’ve even achieved a headstand in yoga! I live an active lifestyle and in order to continue doing the things that I love, my fitness future will include WundaBar Pilates - I'm already signed up to participate on a team for the 200 mile SoCal Ragnar Relay in April 2014! I'm confident that WundaBar classes will be part of my training plan and who knows, it may make the difference between injury and a medal.

 Screen_Shot_2013-12-09_at_11.08.21_AM.pngIt's December and after the stress of the holidays subsides, health and fitness become top of mind. How many people make health and fitness their number one New Year’s Resolution? If you're reading this post, you're ahead of the game because you're already interested in your own health and wellness. If you're on the fence about whether to begin or want a reminder of why you should continue classes at WundaBar Pilates, let me tell you the 6 Reasons Why I Wunda.

Not Working With a Full Deck?

Posted by WundaBlog on November 14, 2013

Not Working With a Full Deck?

By: Jennie Rousset


At WundaBar Pilates, we believe in building a strong, resilient core from the inside out. My lifelong friend and brilliant Life Coach, Jennie Rousset, approaches personal power in much the same way. Enjoy this inside out wisdom from Jennie – I always do!?<3 Amy

What the heck does a deck of cards have to do with my happiness?  Listen in on what I'm teaching this week, and find out!