Get Trim and Toned at the Theme Park

Posted on August 29, 2016


Celebrity trainer Amy Jordan shares how a fun-filled day of amusements can firm jiggles and melt fat fast.

Taking selfies: sculpts the shoulders

Documenting your day is a surprisingly effective way to get a tank top–ready upper body. Extending and lifting your arm to snap the picture engages the deltoids that sculpt shoulders, says Jordan, creator of WundaBar Pilates, which Susan Sarandon relies on to slim. “Not only is it superior toning, you’ll look great in the photo.” 

TO TONE EVEN FASTER: “Hold a fun pose, like lifting one leg up behind you,” suggests Jordan. This engages the calves to slim the lower legs.

The teacups: firm arm jiggles

As you turn the center wheel to spin the teacup faster and faster, you’re working the deltoids, biceps and triceps, says Jordan. The result: You’ll firm up bra bulges and banish pesky bat wings in no time. 

TO TONE EVEN FASTER: “Lean to the right and pull the wheel to the left, then switch sides,” says Jordan. Adding a slight bend to the movement engages the obliques to cinch in the waistline.

Roller coaster: flattens the belly

Speeding up and down the roller coaster tracks won’t just give you an adrenaline rush, it can also whittle your middle. The key: keeping your feet firmly planted, says Jordan. This engages the transverse abdominis, stabilizing muscles that crisscross the stomach and tuck in a menopot. 

TO TONE EVEN FASTER: “With your fingertips pointing up, push against the bar,” says Jordan. You’ll engage the latissimus dorsi and rhomboids to tone the upper back.

Merry-go-round: trims the thighs

Though riding the merry-go-round hardly seems like work, it can go a long way toward sculpting long, lean legs. “Narrowing your legs around the horse engages the hard-to-reach inner thighs and glutes,” explains Jordan. The payoff: You’ll firm up stubborn jiggles and eliminate chub rub for good. 

TO TONE EVEN FASTER: “Sit up tall and press your feet down into the stirrups, keeping your butt on the seat,” says Jordan. This simple trick engages the lower abs to shrink a belly bulge.

Strolling the park: torches calories

Trekking between attractions, character signings, snack stands and rest rooms all day long can really add up—to the tune of nearly 1,400 calories burned! Plus, adds Jordan, if you’re toting souvenirs or tired tots, they’ll provide resistance for added toning throughout your arms, thighs and midsection to shrink inches from head to toe. 

TO TONE EVEN FASTER: While you’re waiting in line for a ride or snack, try standing on one foot for 15 seconds, then switching to the other foot. Balancing on one leg recruits the inner and outer thighs and the glutes to eliminate pesky saddlebags.