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A Girl's Best Friend

Posted on January 1, 2013

WundaFormer_WC-Up.pngWundaBar is an amazing new Pilates workout studio. What makes it so special? The WundaReformer - it is unlike any other Pilates reformer I've used. It has all the classics of the Pilates reformer, but includes the Pilates chair, jump board, and a ballet barre.

FabFitFun Features WundaBar Pilates

Posted on July 7, 2012


With barbecues every weekend, cocktails, and ice cream galore, how does a girl stay in shape and bikini ready? With the help of the uh-mazing team at ExerciseLA of course!

These lovely ladies are the go-to source for everything fit in LaLa Land. From the intensity of a class to its location and cost, ExerciseLA helps make your fitness adventure as smooth and pain-free as possible! Check out their three fave new workout spots to keep you sweating you all summer long.

WundaBar Pilates
12416 Ventura Blvd., Studio City
If you’re looking for something low-impact yet still challenging, then WundaBar Pilates is for you. This amazing Pilates workout uses the Wundaformer, a hybrid machine that combines the traditional reformer, wunda chair, jump board, and ballet barre — making this class unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


The Real Deal:

We were so excited to see that a new pilates studio had opened in Studio City.  WundaBar is unlike any pilates class you have seen. The WundaFormer is a hybrid of a reformer, wunda chair, jump board, and ballet bar!  Classes are small and intimate, perfect for the newbie or if you need a little extra attention.  The WundaBar ToolBox class is free and is required for all first time students prior to taking a WundaBar Workout.  It will help acclimate you to the machine, their specialized breathing technique and form.  Classes are 50 minutes in length, but feel like 20.  We have tried out a few different instructors and love them all.  This is one of our new favorite studios and we hope you try it out.