Looking for that next new workout class?

Well, Los Angeles celebrity trainer Amy Jordan will be opening a new pilates studio called WundaBar featuring the WundaFormer machine in Café Noir’s old space in Soho.

Long popular in Southern California and with celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Vanessa Hudgens, the WundaFormer “combines the reformer, wunda chair, ballet bar and jump board into one incredible, patented machine,” according to the company website.


The new WundaBar studio will open early next year on the ground floor at 21 Thompson Street between Grand and Watts Streets, according to James Famularo of Eastern Consolidated, who represented WundaBar and the landlord, Thompson Street Equities, in the deal. The asking rent in the 1,080-square-foot, five-year lease was $160 per square feet.

“When we signed this exclusive about six weeks ago, I envisioned a pilates or yoga studio in the space because it’s surrounded by health-conscious residents, new luxury residential developments, and high-end hotels,” Mr. Famularo said in prepared remarks. “WundaBar was on our short list and when we reached out we discovered they wanted a Soho location. As a result, it turned out to be a win-win for everyone.”

Since launching the brand in 2011, Ms. Jordan has opened nine WundaBar studios in Southern California.


The new WundaBar Pilates studio in Torrey Hills is ready to kick off 2015 and help people meet their fitness goals. Carmel Valley resident and WundaBar owner Bri Blonigan just opened her doors at the Torrey Hills Shopping Center for a free weekend of classes on Dec. 6-7.

“The opening weekend was stellar. The classes were all full and we got a lot of good feedback,” Blonigan said. “It has been fun because a lot of people that came signed up for the program and we have a solid crew that is coming regularly.”

Blonigan is only the second franchisee of the LA-born Pilates studio chain, founded by celebrity trainer Amy Jordan in 2011. Jordan invented the unique WundaFormer machine used in the studio’s workouts — a twist on the traditional Pilates reformer with a jump board, a “Wunda Chair” and a ballet bar, designed to give four times the challenge, four times the fun and, of course, four times the results. 


Posted on October 15, 2014


AMY JORDAN lives in the Hollywood Hills and used to be a high-powered entertainment marketing big shot. She started a Pilates hobby in 2006, and by 2008, she officially traded her business attire for stretchy pants to run two Pilates studios of her own. In 2012, WUNDABAR PILATES opened doors using her own patented equipment and now has six Southern California locations— from LA to San Diego. Amy and her husband have two children, and she never stopped her Pilates practice during her pregnancies. In fact, Amy loves working with other pregnant moms at WundaBar Pilates. Because she covers so much ground in the Los Angeles area with her studios, Amy knows many hidden gems beyond the tourist areas for visiting families to try and experience the real LA.


Best Reformer Style Workouts in LA!

Posted on October 14, 2014


"Need more bells and whistles on your Reformer? That would be Amy Jordan’spatented WundaFormer - a Reformer with a built in WundaChair for floating legpresses, a Jumpboard for booty-lifting, elevator jumps, and a Ballet Bar forelongating, toning moves. (Don’t panic, there’s a free class for first-timers.) It keeps your mind engaged, your muscles challenged, and your fitness ADD satisfied."




Posted on October 9, 2014


"You already know my love for barre workouts[...]— so it should be no surprise to you that I’ve got another fave featuring, yes, barre.

WundaBar: think Pilates Reformer class with a barre-influenced spin, and you’re on the right track.  Each class is a new workout, and I can say from experience that this is a full-body toning work out that will make you sore for days after.

The focus on alignment and posture, as well as the core-burning moves, are what fuse Pilates and Ballet together in this wonderful conglomeration of WundaBar.  The machines aren’t your typical Pilates Reformer machines, although they are somewhat similar.  The WundaFormer machines are specially designed and patented to combine dancer-like toning and the inner core strengthening of Pilates.