Amy Jordon at Wundabar

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Los Angeles-based fitness star, Amy Jordan, is known for her high-energy pilates classes at her WundaBar studios, beloved by celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Colin Farrell.  Her technique involves her own creation, a sort-of Swiss Army knife of pilates machines. "One studio with reformers wasn't achieving exactly what I wanted to share, so I literally sketched our patented WundaFormer on an airplane," says Jordan, whose machine combines several types of pilates equipment including a reformer, jump board, ballet bar and a chair. Now east coasters can experience the dynamic, high-energy classes at the brand-new studio in SoHo—the first in NYC—which opened on January 2.  Here, we caught up with Amy on her go-to places to dine out in L.A. and her favorite workout gear.

14 NYC Workouts to Try Now

Posted on January 8, 2016

Thompson Street store

Stick to those healthy New Year's resolutions with 14 new fitness studios to choose from all over the city.

Wundabar Pilates

The first NYC studio of the method founded by L.A.-based Amy Jordan offers a truly unique, patented machine (a twist on the traditional Pilates reformer with a jump board, “Wunda Chair” and ballet bar) on which to sculpt your arms, butt, abs and legs to amazing results. 

21 Thompson Street (at Grand/Watts Streets)


You thought 2015 had some good new gyms? Then you (and New York City) should be pumped for 2016. We've compiled a list of the 30 gyms we know are opening — or at least say that they're opening — next year, broken down by when they're expected to arrive. There are plenty set to debut in 2016's first few weeks, taking advantage of all those New Year's resolutions being made right now, and plenty more to follow; check them all out below.

Opening in January

Wundabar: This'll be one of New York City's first new gyms of 2016 when it opens on January 2nd at Soho's 21 Thompson Street, bringing the LA-based Pilates workout to the East Coast for the first time.


What Is It: WundaBar is a 45-minute Pilates-based workout utilizing the patented WundaFormer, which combines a traditional Pilates reformer, a Wunda Chair, a ballet bar and a jump board into one insane machine.

Who Tried It: Gabrielle Olya, PEOPLE writer and reporter

Level of Difficulty: 7 (on a scale from 1 to 10). I was shaking nearly the entire time, but I made it through!

I’ve always wanted to know exactly how Vanessa Hudgens got her abs, so I was excited (and a little scared) to try her favorite Pilates class – also loved by Ashley Tisdale, Tia Mowry and even Colin Farrell.

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"Are they trying to tell me something?" I wonder to myself.

The stress will undoubtedly kick in when I start cooking turkey for only the second time in my life, along with stuffing and side dishes I'm still Googling how to make. Add in an exhausted husband and children hoping for pie before dinner -- and the pressure that Thanksgiving is my family's favorite holiday of the year -- and the anxiety begins to climb.

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