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Looking to discover some new fitness trends in New York? From immersive fitness (think: video screens in your spin class) to pilates re-imagined, here’s 5 new fitness trends you simply *need* to try in the Big Apple:


It was a week of surf, sweat and shopping as team TYR partnered with Well + Good for our first ever series of studio takeovers. Making our way through Manhattan, we stopped at three incredible workout boutiques and set up shop! Giving Well + Good readers a chance to experience our Active collection firsthand, we had everything from Boca Chica to Emerald Lake in tow. Didn’t get a chance to stop by? Check out some behind-the-scenes photos here!


By Elisha Neubauer

When Amy Jordan found herself facing divorce, she decided to handle it a little differently than expected. Instead of devouring a carton of ice cream or wallowing with friends, Jordan submerged herself in a physical activity --Pilates. 

Jordan found a relief in the activity that she hadn't dreamed of when she first began. It gave her a sense of calm in her chaotic world. "I found that one hour to be incredibly healing and head clearing every time," states Jordan. She was so enamored with the feeling the endeavor left her with that she immediately knew she needed to share it with others. "I felt a passionate desire to open a studio in order to pay it forward and share Pilates with my hometown." 


Most of us have experienced a challenging Pilates class, but no one hour session shreds, burns and honestly, exhausts, quite like WundabarPilates. But, in our fitness novice minds, we rationalize the panting, sweating and soreness by repeating to ourselves, “This MUST be working” and actually, it does.

Started by entrepreneur and mother of two, Amy Jordan, the reformers at Wundabar are basically a souped up version of the one we all know. She invented proprietary parts to work muscles deeper and really take a Pilates session to the next level.

Here, she explains how major personal life changes inspired her to start her rapidly growing company (simultaneously while having her first child no less) and how targeting that tummy post-pregnancy is anything but a lost cause.

Get Trim and Toned at the Theme Park

Posted on August 29, 2016


Celebrity trainer Amy Jordan shares how a fun-filled day of amusements can firm jiggles and melt fat fast.