WundaBar Finding Core Support in Torrey Hills

Posted on January 9, 2015


The new WundaBar Pilates studio in Torrey Hills is ready to kick off 2015 and help people meet their fitness goals. Carmel Valley resident and WundaBar owner Bri Blonigan just opened her doors at the Torrey Hills Shopping Center for a free weekend of classes on Dec. 6-7.

“The opening weekend was stellar. The classes were all full and we got a lot of good feedback,” Blonigan said. “It has been fun because a lot of people that came signed up for the program and we have a solid crew that is coming regularly.”

Blonigan is only the second franchisee of the LA-born Pilates studio chain, founded by celebrity trainer Amy Jordan in 2011. Jordan invented the unique WundaFormer machine used in the studio’s workouts — a twist on the traditional Pilates reformer with a jump board, a “Wunda Chair” and a ballet bar, designed to give four times the challenge, four times the fun and, of course, four times the results. 

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